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Jeff Cole

Corporate Director of Revenue Management

jeff-cole-fullTo be a good revenue manager, it doesn’t hurt that Jeff worked his way up the hotel industry ladder, rung by rung, in most hotel departments. He began his career in 1995 in food and beverage, segued into operations which eventually led him to sales. Jeff’s hunger for knowledge guided him into yet another discipline, this time as general manager where he earned General Manager and Hotel of the Year for Dimension Development.


Learning the ropes from the inside out has given Jeff a great perspective of the hotel industry and has distilled his talents and experience into the realm of revenue management where he has found his love and passion. During his third year as Revenue Manager he earned the highly praised Revenue Management Leader of the Year for Marriott’s franchised partners.


Today, Jeff is Corporate Director of Revenue Management at Dimension. In his free time, Jeff is an avid cyclist and gardener and enjoys traveling with his wife and two (nearly) grown sons.


What you like most about your job:

Collaborating with the hotel’s operations and sales team to determine how to best win this never ending chess game.


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